Warlord: Call to Arms Description

Do you dream of leading legions of orcs, elves, humans and trolls into battle? Bring your dreams to life on your phone with Warlords: Call To Arms. This game is an upgraded version of the smash MEGA hit flash game, now playable on your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad.

See what 10s of millions of gamers are raving about! Your armies await you and your rivals approach from all sides. Seize the throne!

Rated one of Best 10 games in 2010 by appolicious


  • 9 races including elves, orcs, trolls, undead and humans
  • 19 different units including archers, swordsman, mages and the ferocious Giant Troll
  • Multiplayer(co-op+versus) on local wifi and bluetooth(net play may come later)
  • Survival mode
  • 4 Difficulty levels to challenge beginners and experts
  • 28 countries to conquer on the over-world campaign map
  • Visit the Shop to purchase upgrades and add new units to your army
  • Open Feint integration includes a bundle of achievements to unlock plus leaderboards
  • Watch the detailed animations as giant armies hack and slash it out on the battlefield
  • Hear the battlefield come to life with the clang of steel smashing and arrows flying

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Warlord: Call to Arms Reviews

Appolicious named Warlords: Call to Arms one of the top 10 games of 2010!

Review Comments

"Everything about Warlords: Call to Arms represents top notch game play, and is one of the best quality strategy games I've seen for the iPhone/iTouch platform."
- iphoneappreviews

"for (the price), Warlords: Call To Arms is a fantastic value"
- appsafari

"This is one of the best strategy iPhone apps on the market today."
- bestapps

"It's kind of like Plants vs Zombies, except that your plants move--and look like Warcraft characters. Relentless, addicting fun."
- cnet

Warlords: Call to Arms
Apr 11th, 2010 by Tony M..

The app store is filled with strategic warfare games by talented developers, the now obscure but once insanely popular game Cartoon Wars comes to mind, but it's rare to finding such an exceptional and enjoyable game that is Warlords: Call To Arms by Greyhound Games. In short, everything about the app screams iPhone and iTouch gaming perfection, from the strategic and fast paced game play to the slick and pleasant graphics and sounds.

Warlord's basic game play involves sending various units down lanes in a two-dimensional battlefield and watching them carve their way through the enemy units and hopefully meander to the other side. After each battle, you then sent on to conquer other territories in increasingly challenging battles. Fortunately, a variety of unique races and units add additional spice and strategy to an otherwise overused genre of app store strategy gaming. The battles range from short, fierce bursts of violence to more nuanced affairs- it all depends on the units you send out and the strategy you employ. Occasionally, I lost interest in a battle after a continually drawn out stalemate, but there was enough variety to keep me interested until the next mission.

The graphics and sounds aren't anything to sneeze at either. The game is pure massive-battle-scene eye candy, making it a joy to watch your little men engage in combat with opposing armies. The sound quality and variety adds another layer of depth to the game, immersing you in the experience when you hear the 'plink' of arrows on armor or the 'squelch' of battleaxe on elf. Very impressive.
The game also boasts the option to upgrade your units attack or purchase newer units after each conquest. I appreciated the ability to expand my repertoire with some new units after battles, but the option of increasing attack power or speed did not make enough of an impact on battles. Otherwise, there isn't that much to do between levels except to choose another place to attack. From time to time, I felt the enemy armies were growing powerful at a much faster rate than my own, but difficultly remained pretty even throughout the game.
Everything about Warlords: Call to Arms represents top notch game play, and is one of the best quality strategy games I've seen for the iPhone/iTouch platform. The game goes and exceeds expectations for this genre, and is a joy to play. Well worth the 2 dollars.


Warlords: Call To Arms Review

Conquer a mini-fantastical world with this addictive strategy game

by Rip Empson, Macworld

Warlords: Call to Arms, Greyhound Games' $1 follow-up to their popular flash game, is a solid medieval strategy game in which you lead battalions of elves, trolls, orcs, and other fantastical creatures in a quest for world domination. This battle-centric fantasy game has elements of both Risk and World of Warcraft, requiring you to be clever in your role-playing and offensive strategizing. You won't get far trying to mindlessly hack your way to victory—a feature that makes this game a keeper. Though I usually prefer gratuitous shoot-'em-up games, I found Call to Arms hopelessly addictive. More than once I caught myself barking orders at my reducing ranks, like some kind of over-ambitious general.

You have my bow... and MY AXE!!!
There's definitely a good chance you'll squander hours in controlling one of the game's eight races (night elves, the undead, mountain trolls, and so on), capturing countries you've never even heard of, all in tune to the clashing of swords. As you lead your army in search of conquest, you receive money for each kill and for capturing enemy territory. The objective is humble: battle your way across lanes of a two-dimensional field to the other side. Achieving your objective, however, is not so simple. With each territory you select, the difficulty increases and your foe becomes more resilient and better armed, making world domination a more nuanced matter than the time a subway ride affords.

As your campaign gets underway, simply follow the arrows on your campaign's map. Select an enemy and fight. Once on the battlefield, your progress toward victory is shown at the top of the screen, as are your available units. Select archers, for example, by tapping their icon, then touch the lane you want them to march down and let them go. After every twenty kills you make, you will have the option to send an entire unit in a "charge." In between battles, you can attend ye olde armory to purchase new units or upgrades to your army's speed and armor among others.

Overall, Call to Arms' graphics are average; the visual layout is reminiscent of some older versions of Zelda. There isn't a great depth of detail to the battlefields or warriors, but there's enough variety in the game's terrain, equipment, and strategizing, that it isn't a big concern.

Warlords has simple graphics, but deep gameplay.
While the experience is deep, there is room for improvement. Further customization options, for both layout and sound, would make Call to Arms' gameplay experience stand out. For example, I found my fingers naturally obscuring the battlefield when I chose new units, so it would be nice to be able to move those icons around the screen. Adding to the variety of sound effects, such as the player the option to choose his or her own battle music (Ride of the Valkyries, perhaps?), or in-game announcements, would be welcomed. In the end, my biggest qualm with the game was that I felt purchasing upgrades didn't have much of a noticeable effect on my army, whereas enemy armies seemed to grow stronger more consistently.

That being said, on the whole, Call to Arms' gameplay is straightforward, intuitive, and addicting. The ability to challenge your friends in two-player mode, as well as a leader board provided by OpenFeint, are features that give this game endurability.

The layout of the battlefields and the visuals of your marching warriors lend an old-school, storybook feel to the game, and I think you'll enjoy planning your attacks and watching them come alive, albeit modestly—and in miniature. At $1, Call to Arms is a great purchase and is recommended for strategy buffs and amateurs alike. Conquer away!