Greyhound Games News


Apr 2011 - GemCraft release and avaibale with support for Retina Display

Feb 2011 - Legendary Wars will be getting an update in the near future that adds retina support.

Feb 2011 - Here is a quick sneak peak at how the new retina graphics compare to the old graphics. Comparing retina to non retina is a bit tricky because the images are displayed in the same physical space. If you scale the retina down to match non retina you cheat retina out of 75% of its resolution. If you scale the non retina up it looks worse then it would normally. So for your viewing pleasure I provide both an original unscalled non retina and a scaled up version to match the retina image size. view images

Jan 2011 - Legendary Wars released

Jan 2011 - New website designed for greyhound games


Dec 2010 - Protector: The Planes released

Nov 2010 - Developing new game Legendary with innovative graphics

Sep 2010 - Protector: The Planes sent to Apple for approval

Sep 2010 - Warlords: Call To Arms - summer fun pack released

June 2010 -Sherlock Holmes Difference released for iPad

June 2010 -Dreams released for iPad

Apr 2010 - Warlords: Call To Arms update sent to Apple! View screenshots in the Warlords section

Apr 2010 - Warlords: Call To Arms is finished for the iPhone!!!

Feb 2010 - New iPhone game nearly done. Details will follow when it is released

Feb 2010 - Site hacked, reverting to safer html based site. Less pretty sadly


Dec 2009 - Work started on new iPhone project

Nov 2009 - Dungeon Defender -Enhanced released

Sept 2009 -Sub Hunt released

July 2009 - Sub Hunt sent to Apple for review for release on iPhone

July 2009 - Sub Hunt images and gameplay movie added to website section

July 2009 - At present 5.5 million plays of Dungeon Defender world wide