Legendary Wars Description

You'll need elves, knights, and magic to defeat the forces of darkness.

The game is divided in a series of levels and sublevels; your job is to control an army of knights, elves and dwarves in the fight against an array of undead creatures. In each level, you must achieve a particular goal in order to move on to the next. Throughout the process, you are supported by a staff of characters that help you train your troops, plot your next move and improve the general upkeep of your armaments.

Huge world to Explore

Campaign mode features 5 lands and over 50 levels each with unique gameplay and unlockable modes.

Unparalleled 2D graphics and animation

6 beautifully detailed environments with eye-popping parallax scrolling, and a whole cast of charming characters.

New gear and attacks

7 unique heroes that you can upgrade to unlock powerful new attacks, and two sets of Legendary Armor per character.

Unique Gameplay

Features a variety of gameplay styles including; castle defense, castle siege, ambush, and side-scrolling.

ZOMG Monsters!

Wage war against over 20 different enemies and 10 challenging bosses.

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Legendary Wars - Reviews

Great mix of genres separate this medieval strategy game

by Marco Tabini, Macworld.com February 3, 2011

Numerous considerations go into creating a game for any platform, and iOS is no exception. There are a multitude of aspects to keep into account: the storyline, the graphics, the sound, and, of course, the gameplay experience. Liv Games' Legendary Wars may not achieve top marks on all fronts, but it delivers a unique and enjoyable gaming experience that few other games match.

You'll need elves, knights, and magic to defeat the forces of darkness.

The game is divided in a series of levels and sublevels; your job is to control an army of knights, elves and dwarves in the fight against an array of undead creatures. In each level, you must achieve a particular goal in order to move on to the next. Throughout the process, you are supported by a staff of characters that help you train your troops, plot your next move and improve the general upkeep of your armaments.

In an interesting twist, the objectives and the way they must be attained change constantly; thus, in one level you may find yourself building an army to overtake an enemy position, while in the next you will be strategically positioning your characters to defend against an incoming horde intent on destroying your castle in a fight reminiscent of Plants vs. Zombies. At other times, you may control a specific character in a solo mission that involves capturing enemies, collecting items or tagging friendly troops you need to help you in a future battle.

As a result, Legendary Wars is a clever cross between a typical castle-defense game, a strategy title and a side-scroller. Individually, none of these aspects of the game stand out for their originality or complexity; taken together, however, they create a game that is easy to pick up and never gets boring, coupled with a captivating storyline that keeps the missions well connected along a logical narrative.

When defending, you'll utilize lanes like in many tower defense games

The game's well-designed graphics and are somewhat reminiscent of recent PopCap titles, from which Legendary Wars takes some inspiration. The music is a bit repetitive—the medieval theme can be quite distracting while trying to sort out a screenful of zombies and skeleton—but can be easily turned off from the settings panel.

Game controls are Legendary Wars's only area that could use significant improvement. While generally very simple and easy to use, they are a little too small (especially if you happen to have ham fingers like yours truly) and do not respond as promptly or as consistently as they should. During the strategy-oriented levels that make up much of the game, this is not a significant problem, since one often has enough time to make corrections as needed; when negotiating courses riddle with obstacles and enemies, however, it becomes difficult to time hits and jumps properly, resulting in a lot of missed monsters, failed jumps and ground teeth (the latter not being part of the game itself).

Despite some minor griping, Legendary Wars is a very good title with great longevity and a design that adapts equally well to both casual gaming and longer, more involved playing sessions. If you're a fan of any of the many genres that it borrows from, this game is well worth its price and belongs on your home screen.

[Marco Tabini is a frequent contributor to Macworld.]



Legendary Wars for iPhone by By Kyle VanHemert

No offense, Plants vs. Zombies, but it might be time for a new tower defense game. If you're ready to get serious about your defending, then the expansive RTS-RPG-tower defense hybrid Legendary Wars might be the new king.

What is it?

Legendary Wars, iPhone, $3. Legendary Wars is a lot of things for $3. It's a tower defense game at heart, and a good one at that. There are plenty of fun units that you accumulate throughout the game, all of which have their own unique special abilities you can trigger in a pinch.

But it's also got elements of RPG and RTS, allowing you to improve various attributes of your units and send them, individually or as a group, to attack the bad guys' castle. It all amounts to something that's more frenzied and fun than your average tower defense, if a little less precise and strategic. The video above only shows the start—you eventually recruit archers, wizards, and golems to your team across snowy plains, deserts, and more. See! Expansive indeed.

Who's it good for?

People who are ready to graduate from Plants vs. Zombies to something more complex; people who are about to go on a really long plane or car ride; people who like actual towers in their tower defense games.

Why's it better than alternatives?

For $3 you get a whole lot of gameplay. Various units can be leveled up in several different ways, part of the time you're defending while the other part you're attacking, graphics are attractive throughout. And occasional sidescroller combat levels punctuate up the regular tower defense levels, which is a nice palate cleanser every so often.

How could it be even better?

Its more complex than your average tower defense game, so it doesn't have the immediate pick-up-and-play satisfaction. The three-lane system for allocating forces can also get a little bit tricky, causing you to accidentally call units home when you're trying to place new ones, etc. And it needs Retina Display support, like, soooo bad.

Legendary Wars Could Be The Next Plants Vs. Zombies

by Mike Fahey - KOTAKU

No game on the iPad or iPhone captured my attention near as much as the touch-friendly versions of PopCap's immensely popular Plants Vs. Zombies. Then came Legendary Wars. Legendary Wars is a tower defense game in the same vein as Plants Vs. Zombies. You gather resources, build up a defending army, and do your best to maintain that army in the face of a massive undead assault. Legendary Wars is a real-time strategy game. Build up your army and send them against the enemy base, hoping your units can overwhelm the enemy's defenses and win the day.

Legendary Wars is a Defense of the Ancient game. Control your champion is pivotal battles while waves of computer controlled allies swarm the field of battle to support you. It's all of these games and more. It's got role-playing style leveling for your units, allowing you to increase their hit points, attack power, and defensive skills. You can use special gems to unlock epic armor for your units, or upgrade your castle into an impenetrable fortress. There are even a few side-scrolling action sequences thrown in for good measure.

All of these different game types come together in the epic tale of Lucas the knight, tasked with protecting Legendaria from a demonic army from the Netherworld. Along the way he'll learn new tactics, recruit new units, and spend 50 levels defending the game's five environments from evil with a massive army of elves, dwarves, wizards, and unicorns at his side.

There's an amazing amount of gameplay packed into this little $2.99 iPhone game. Liv Games may have finally toppled Plants Vs. Zombies as my go-to form of mobile entertainment.


Expo Notes: Genre-mxing Legendary Wars looks like a crowd-pleaser

Posted on Jan 28, 2011 8:13 pm by Chris Holt, Macworld.com

Walking by the mobile apps pavilion at Macworld Expo this week, it would be hard to miss the crowds gathered around Liv Games' Legendary Wars demonstration. Nothing packs in an audience like armored unicorns shooting rainbows at evil spiders.

Gather your forces in Legendary Wars and then attack the enemy fortress.

Macworld Expo 2011 has been a great show for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Yet with so many developers pushing products for the iOS platform, Legendary Wars' iconic art and bold blending of gaming genres still turns heads. Released Thursday on the iOS App Store and costing $3, Legendary Wars is a fantasy-themed game uniquely combining many genres, offering a more varied gaming experience than what iOS users may have come to expect.
The game features role-playing, strategy, tower-defense, and side-scrolling action elements but still seems as approachable and easy-to-pick-up as many games currently on the App Store.
While casual titles have been immensely successful on the iPhone and iPad due to their intuitive nature, games like Angry Birds and FarmVille prove that players are also seeking longer gameplay experiences. Short-game playing sessions are still the norm, but players want to work towards something greater. Liv Games definitely understands this nuance of mobile gaming, and so marries an approachable-tap interface, 2-D animation, and short play sessions with more traditionally "hardcore" elements like unit leveling, exploration, and boss fights.

Unicorns with rainbows. 'Nuff said.

In a scale that was once considered impossible on the iPhone, Legendary Wars offers five lands and more than 50 levels to explore. You control an army with seven soldier types (like the traditional archer and knight as well as more unconventional units like rainbow-shooting unicorns) and can unlock two sets of armor for each. You'll defend castles, siege enemy strongholds, ambush more than 20 different enemies, fight 10 challenging bosses, and even have action-side scrolling segments you have to pass.
The game is rendered in a cartoonish 2-D animation style that should appeal to gamers across age demographics. While easy to pick up (everything from attacking to upgrading units can be performed with a simple tap) if the game is as complex as Liv Games boasts, then core gamers will have new reason to look to the iOS as the place to be. If you're by the mobile pavilion (booth #818 in Moscone West), definitely check out this exciting new title.

iOS Apps at Expo: Day 3

We wrap up a busy Macworld 2011 with one last look at some of the iOS apps that caught our eye

'Legendary Wars' Review – Not Your Average Castle Battle

posted January 27th, 2011 6:20 PM UTC by Eli Hodapp in $2.99, Games - www.torcharchade.com

These castle versus castle games are all over the App Store. Some are fantasy based, a whole heck of a lot of them use stick figures, and one even uses puppets. The gameplay of these games are all strikingly similar: You have a set of units which cost a particular amount of whatever resource it is that the game uses. Once you stockpile enough of that resource to produce a unit, you tap the button, and said unit comes rushing out of your castle to battle to the death. (Or, if things are going your way, make it all the way to the other castle and destroy it.)
This also aptly describes the core gameplay found in Liv Games' Legendary Wars [$2.99], but there's so much variety and so many things to work towards that I've been having an absolutely fantastic time playing through it. The game begins with an entirely cliche fantasy setting of a kingdom in chaos, and you're in charge of collecting Sunstone fragments in attempt to rid the world of evil. The path the story takes you through involves fighting all sorts of different enemies on levels with varied objectives.

While many levels consist of the standard castle vs castle battle, Legendary Wars breaks up the monotony with levels where you'll control a single unit that play like a sidescroller, or battles where you're given an extremely powerful hero unit which must survive, and more. The actual castle vs castle fights are great too, as instead of simply sending an array of units to their doom, successfully surviving a battle requires a bit of strategy.
Battles begin with you dispatching a miner (aptly named "Miney") to your mine in the background to collect crystals. He saunters off to the mine, appears a few seconds later with a massive chunk of crystal in his hands, and you've got to tap it to collect it. Once you've got enough crystals to train additional units, much like other castle vs castle games, you tap the icon for said unit and it comes barging out of your castle. The main difference here is that there are three distinct lanes in the game world that you can spawn your dudes in and that enemies can come running down.

Units can be tapped and directly controlled, allowing you to make them change lanes, engage an enemy, or retreat back to your castle. This basic level of control actually gives you the power to do a surprising amount of micromanagement in your battles. For instance, if you've got a set of enemy archers incoming, moving your units to different lanes will avoid their attacks until they get within melee distance to start fighting. Enemies will change lanes too, so you've got to do some quick finger work to keep your army from getting pelted with arrows.
Similarly, the different units of your army compliment each other and must be used intelligently to win. Knights who do little damage but can take a beating need to be deployed in front of archers, who can bring the pain but quickly die if any pain is brought upon them. Killing enemies fills up a mana bar of sorts, and you're able to do a special attack for bonus damage by selecting a unit and tapping the button in the bottom corner of your screen.

Oh, and while you're doing all this, you need to be constantly collecting resources from your miner(s).

Following a successful battle, you'll be able to return to your armory where you can upgrade various statistics for each of your units, as well as your castle itself. The rate at which these upgrades are unlocked seems to be perfectly tuned, as each battle affords you a small set of upgrades, while dangling that dreaded virtual carrot in front of your face to play just one more battle to soup your forces up even more.
There are endless defense, side scrolling, and survival game modes which can be unlocked which add replay value to the game, and the campaign mode itself is pretty massive. If you have it in your heart to play yet another castle vs castle game, Legendary Wars is an easy pick. Even if you've grown tired of these types of games, it does enough differently that it feels remarkably fresh, which is a real accomplishment in any over-saturated genre on the App Store. The only real down side this game has it that it doesn't come with Retina Display-friendly graphics. If you're playing on a newer device, the game (like most non-retina games) looks fairly blurry, but this didn't stop me from enjoying it

Legendary Wars (iPhone) Game Review: An Amazing Smorgasbord

posted by NINEOVERTEN on April 6, 2011

I couldn't stop playing the game since I started yesterday, it's unputdownable (I'm actually surprised that this word exists…and that my text editor is showing an error for it at the moment). There campaign mode features like over 50 levels featuring different scenarios mentioned earlier, spread across 5 different lands and I must say, the over-map looks impressive.

Nine Over Ten 9/10 awards Legendary Wars with a 4.5 over 5 rating. Liv Games has pulled off an impressive feat putting this amazing game together, so get it now!