Dreams HD Description

Step into the mind of artist Stephanie Herrera as you play through sixteen high-resolution levels packed with challenging, yet soothing, difference-spotting gameplay. Each level is comprised of two images which contain subtle differences. Don't worry though, if things get too hard you can touch the hint button to get a nudge in the right direction. Online scoreboards and achievements let you share your progress and accomplishments with your friends as you compete for the largest time bonus or the highest overall score.

Dreams HD presents not only exceptional high resolution art work, but also a soundtrack so soothing, you may enter the world of dreams yourself!

How To Play

Two pictures are presented to you. Examine both pictures and look for things that do not match between the two. Does the boy at that desk have a pencil on the left picture but not the right? Once you spot something just touch it. The faster you go the more points you will get, but each mistake you make will deduct from your points.

Good luck!

What's New in Version 3

Presenting two new FREE games as well as improvements to Dreams! WondLa and Museum of Thieves are both FREELY available on the app store and you can easily find links to them within Dreams. Each of these excellent games are companions to new novels coming out. Check them out!

Dreams HD Reviews

Great game
by Ms. Sphinx

This has to be the best find the differences puzzle app. Yes, some of the differences very slight, but that is one thing that makes this fun. The story is so intriguing that it is hard to stop playing just to see what happens next. The only difference that I can see since the update is the ability to save your progress. I do not see any advertising and I have had no trouble seeing the differences. The old version you could add or take away the difference depending on which side you touched, but that is not a big deal. Great game!

by Iowan player

This is fun because it causes you to recall how each set of pictures were altered. If you can remember what to look for you will shorten your time each time you play it! Great for making you recall previous games and how to score better!