Dragon Island Blue


"Almost a cross between Pokemon and Shining Force. If you don't like the sound of that cross over you aren't a human" -Kotaku.com

"I was blown away when I saw Dragon Island in action. The amount of creatures in the game, coupled with the ability to evolve them and level up your own character has the potential for just a ridiculous amount of customization and strategy." -TouchArcade.com

"fun mix of Final Fantasy, old-school RPGs, and Pokèmon" -iFans.com

Ever wanted to build an army of monsters? Dragon Island brings monster collection to a whole new level.

Your journey begins when you find a dragon egg on the hills near your village. Dragons were previously thought to be extinct. You and your dragon must discover why dragons, gone for so many years, have suddenly returned to the world! While exploring Dragon Island you will find:
★ Over 200 monsters. Collect. Combine. Evolve!
★ Strategic battles with hundreds of abilities
★ A game world so big it takes 16 screens to see
★ Collect gems, recipes and Soul Stones
★ 11 spirit totems, summon Time, Fate and more
★ A quest system tied to the game's plot
★ 15 dungeons, including the Infinite Dungeon
★ Unique combat system: Army vs. Army
★ Unlock Breeder Licenses in the Arena
★ Universal app with Game Center support
★ Exclusive and Optimized for IOS, No DPads!
★ Challenges such as the Collection Hut, Capture Quests and Dragon Overlord hunt

Can you defeat the Dragon Overlords? Can you solve the mysteries of Dragon Island?
Thanks for playing!
NO network connection required.
NO timers.

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Dragon Island Blue Reviews

Dragon Island Blue — Universal ($0.99)

Cult of Mac, Killian Bell (6:00 am PDT, Sep 1)

It's been more than four years since the App Store first opened its doors, and we still don't have a truly great Pokemon clone. But Dragon Island Blue comes pretty close. It allows you to build your own army of monsters and then send them out to battle.

Your journey begins when you find a dragon egg in the hills near your village, where dragons were thought to be extinct. It's then up to you to discover why dragons have returned to the world by exploring Dragon Island.

The game boasts more than 200 monsters to collect, combine, and evolve; each with hundreds of abilities. It's set in a world so big it requires 16 screens to be viewed at once.

It's not quite the Pokemon clone I've been waiting for, but it is the next best thing, and I've been having a great time with it so far. I'm sure you will, too.

'Dragon Island Blue' Submitted to Apple, New Trailer Released

posted July 20th, 2012 10:00 AM EDT by Jared Nelson in News, Upcoming Games

Developer ZigZaGame has just released a brand new trailer for their upcoming dungeon crawling, monster collecting, turn-based battling RPG Dragon Island Blue, and I have to say it's looking mighty fine indeed.

You might remember we got a good look at Dragon Island Blue back at Macworld in January. It's a large open-world RPG with rogue-like randomly generated dungeons and 3-on-3 turn-based fighting. And of course, there's a silly amount of monsters to collect, combine, level up and evolve.

The visuals are looking better than ever since I last saw Dragon Island Blue, and I'm especially impressed with how well the menu and UI seems to have come together. It all looks quite elegant and easy to navigate.

Dragon Island Blue is currently in review with Apple, so it's getting very close to release. It'll launch at an introductory price of 99¢ before popping up to $2.99. I'm anxious to get my hands on the final version myself, and until that time you can check out the forum thread to chat up the game with others.

Dragon Island: Upcoming Pokemon-like Game for iOS

Posted Jan 30 2012Views: 2,688

Summary : In Macworld iWorld 2012, the developers ZigZaGame Inc who are bringing Adventure Bar Story to the App Store. And toucharcade has a good preview this game's story, let's have a look, and it's coming soon:

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Dragon Island has you exploring a huge world, battling and collecting over 200 different species of monsters. Each one can be evolved several times, and you can even collect recipes which will allow you to combine two different creatures to create a new hybrid version. Also, you'll be able to battle bosses and claim their spirits in order to summon them in future battles.

Another interesting feature is that there are no healing spells or items in the game. You can return to the main town hub to heal, but if you're out in battle and one of your creatures dies, then they're gone for good. I kind of like this as it adds an element of suspense and risk, and should affect how you go about tackling battles and completing the many dungeons in the game.

To balance this, even though you can only battle with 3 monsters at a time, you'll be able to bring more than that with you as you play. So if you do end up losing one, another monster from your queue will take its place. As you level up in the game, you'll gain the ability to carry more and more monsters with you.

The world which you can explore in Dragon Island is massive, with tons of points of interest to discover. These include towns, forests, random battles, and dungeons. When you come upon a dungeon, it is randomly generated and turns the game into more of a rogue-like, and there will be one infinite dungeon where you can grind and discover monsters and items, as well as compete on a leaderboard for how many floors you can descend.

Finally, the battle system will be a traditional 3-on-3 turn-based affair. Each monster can have up to 4 skills, each assigned a special swipe gesture. Although your character doesn't get involved in battles himself, you can still level him up as you would in a normal RPG, and then his stats will extend to the monsters under his control. In this way you can influence how you will play the game despite the massive number of different monsters in the game which are actually the ones doing battle.